Your brilliant life (and why it’s important)

Are you ready for it?

Growth is relative to who you are and what you want – growth has to be relevant to your view of the way your business should be. We talk to clients about this a lot.

Think of everything you want from the business you planned on having, whatever size or stage of development your business is at now.

“More clients and new projects.“
“Very exciting creative challenges. Keep-you-up-all-night creative challenges.”
“Hold onto talented people and find more of them.”
“Give people the chance to learn and grow.”
“Improved profitability.”
“Deliver a good return to shareholders.”
“Invest in new technologies and new directions.”
“A brilliant work environment.”
“Peer recognition.”
“Being ready for the endgame.”

All your personal, creative, company and financial goals. In a market as dynamic and competitive – as competed for – as the design industry, everything you want comes from a clear, relevant concept of growth – relevant to you – and is sustained by it.

The programme of research, consultancy and events at Giants for Growth has been built to help our clients decide how to make the change, from where they are now to where they could be, beginning with a breakthrough to the next stage of development.

It’s important not to get stuck in the same repetitive behaviour year in, year out. Don’t get trapped in the feeling that you’re not making progress and can’t change anything.

Our research into performance data shows a decades-long industry-wide pattern of brand and design businesses growing to a point – whatever size that is, bigger or smaller – then failing to make significant progress beyond that level.

In engaging closely with clients, we get to know their particular business and how it works. We don’t have a set number of fixed programmes to force companies through from A to Z. Instead we draw on a broad resource of techniques, models and best practice to build the way forward around specific needs and capabilities.

Many brand and design companies are genuinely unaware of the underlying economics of their own industry and the market they’re operating in. We help them gain a measure of clarity about their businesses, their services and their customers, and then work with them to devise and implement effective strategies.

One of the significant things that shows through in our research on the client-side, among the people who commission design, is their perception that agencies rarely appear to have a clear business strategy for their own business. On the exceptional occasion that a strategy is evident, not only does it engender greater respect among client-buyers, they also say it helps them to understand the agency offer more clearly and how to engage with it productively.

Working together we can advance the practice of good business management in brand and design. With a deeper understanding of the industry and the world it serves, we can help you move from facts and insights to actionable planning and productive implementation.

This is an opportunity to step back and take a fresh look at your business, to rethink where you are and find new ways to move forward to the next level.